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Woman found stabbed multiple times outside in trailer

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The boyfriend of a woman found dead from multiple stab wounds has been arrested for her murder.

The body of 29-year-old Carrie Davis was found Monday morning at a home on 500-block of Hillview Drive in Marion.  The Marion Police Department arrested 27-year-old Gregory Davis, Carrie Davis's boyfriend. 

According to a criminal complaint against Davis, Carrie Davis's body was found in an open trailer that was parked outside of the Hillview home. She was found wrapped in blankets and carpet and had been stabbed eight times.

Police said Gregory Davis confessed to stabbing her "four to five days" prior at their home. The two lived two miles away in the 1200 block of 14th St. SW in Marion. He also told them that, afterward, he wrapped her body up and took her to the Hillview home, which police said is a vacant home owned by his parents. 

A call was made to the police department from someone police said was concerned about Carrie's well-being. The last time she had reportedly been seen was on September 28. Police were directed to the home on Hillview, where they found her body.  They wouldn't say how long her body had been outside in the trailer. However, they did say it was before Monday morning.

"We have pretty good information that that trailer had been mobile quite a bit in days during the incident occurring, and the aftermath," Marion Police Chief Joseph McHale said. McHale noted that this is the first homicide in Marion in two and a half years.

A neighbor said the couple had been living at the 14th St. SW home for only a few weeks, and that he hadn't noticed any prior issues at the home.

"I don't think I've heard, not even yelling. Anything like that," Dark Pollard said.

Pollard said he's lived across the street for four years and what happened comes as a shock for a neighborhood that he said is relatively quiet.

"I was blown away at first. I didn't think anything like that would happen in this area, but I was hoping that that house stayed unconnected. You know, it's Marion. It's not a huge city. It's not meant for things like this," Pollard said.

McHale said the two of them had relocated to Marion from Columbus, Ohio, where Carrie Davis was from. He said Gregory Davis had moved to Ohio, but originally was from Marion.

A motive for the murder hasn't been released by police.

"I can't go into the specific details on why this homicide occurred, but I would tell the community to invest in mental health of their loved ones, and be aware of things that are going in people's lives," McHale said.

Gregory Davis is being held at the jail in Linn County on a $2,000,000 bond. Police have charged him with first-degree murder.

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