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Cedar Rapids city council member safe in Las Vegas

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Susie Weinacht, Cedar Rapids City Council Member At Large arrived in Las Vegas Sunday afternoon to enjoy some time off. 

"We talked about going to the concert and decided not too, I was pretty tired so stayed around the MGM last night," she told us today.

It's a decision that could have saved her life. 

A gunman opened fire from his hotel room killing dozens of people enjoying the country concert along the Las Vegas strip. 

Hundreds more were hurt by the gunfire. 

Weinacht skipped the concert and caught up on some sleep, she woke up early this morning to several phone calls from loved ones asking if she was okay. 

It was then she realized the horror she avoided. 

"I don't think it's sunk in yet, it's still, it's still making it's way," she says. 

Now Weinacht is witnessing the aftermath. 

"When I was out this morning, there is blood, quite a bit of blood and where hats have been dropped and where people had ran across the street and stood and had bled," she told us. 

Back at the MGM she says people are having to go through security to get to their rooms, still she has no plans to pack up early. 

"I'm staying, I'm not leaving and you know we're just, we are better than this. America is better than this. I'm just heartbroken," Weinacht says.

She is encouraging people back in Iowa to donate blood in order to help. 


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