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Cedar Falls man captures video of chaos and confusion after Las Vegas shooting

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Video from a Cedar Falls man shows just how far the confusion and panic spread down the Las Vegas Strip and throughout the city.

Aaron Schurman is in Las Vegas right now and took this video at Caesars Palace.

Many people are seen running and screaming; Schurman described it as "pure panic and chaos". 

Schurman was in the casino at Caesars Palace when word started to spread fast about a shooting near Mandalay Bay.

He said, "It was a lot of bits and pieces and Caesars Palace is a couple miles from Mandalay Bay, so we figured we would be safe. It wasn't long after we thought that, when we heard chairs and tables being knocked over and glass breaking."

His video shows panic and confusion. 

"I unfortunately saw people falling, some getting trampled and hitting their heads. Then other people were so worn-out and stressed out that they were just sitting down on the ground... it was a pretty harrowing scene," he said. 

Hundreds of people not knowing exactly what was going on or where to go for safety at the time. 

"I'm sure it's a scene that played out at every casino, which was just panic. It is definitely another level of stress when you see the actual employees running for cover," he said. 

Today, the story of what really happened miles down the road is coming out. A mass shooting leaving dozens dead and hundreds hurt, Schurman says he's still trying to process it all.

He said, "So many are on vacation like us and their world just got turned upside down...It's hard to grasp it at all."


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