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Peosta parents work to make intersection near school safer

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At the intersection of Burds Road and Maple Ridge Street in Peosta sits a crosswalk that's used by many elementary school children going to and from school everyday.

But that intersection has long been a concern for parents who send their children across it everyday.

"When the children would hit this crosswalk here, for the lights to go on and for the lights to start flashing, cars were not stopping or slowing down," said Tammie March.

March and a number of parents petitioned the city to change this intersection to a four-way stop, hoping to establish some peace of mind for concerned parents.

"Nobody has gotten hurt or injured, thankfully. We did not want to wait for it to get to that," she said.

In the meantime, March and a number of other parents take turns working 30 minute shifts at that crosswalk--helping usher students across safely.

The intersection currently has a crosswalk sign with lights that flash when the crossing button is pushed, but those lights can be hard to see on sunny days, and they don't guarantee drivers will stop.

The Peosta city council approved the change at a meeting last week, and say it'll be about a month until they can change that intersection for good.

"I was all for it," said Larry Mescher, mayor of Peosta.  "Like I said, I want to be proactive instead of reactive. I don't want to see anybody get hurt, I don't want to see our kids get hurt. We want to protect our kids."

Mescher says the signs will cost the city back about $2,800, but he said it's a small price to pay for their children's safety.

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