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State trooper reacts to deadly weekend on roads

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After a deadly weekend on Eastern Iowa roads, Iowa State troopers are reminding drivers to be safe when it comes to getting behind the wheel. 

Losing control of the vehicle was a factor in all four fatal crashes involving cars, semis and motorcycles.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Jeffrey Reed says speed comes in at the top of the list for reasons why drivers lose control. 

"I think speed is a big factor in a lot of these accidents," said Trooper Reed. "You have less reaction time."

Aside from speed, distracted driving is another big factor. State Patrol says most just think about cell phones when it comes to distracted driving. 

"Your radio can be a distraction, your GPS, your navigation, other passengers in the car, kids in the back," said Trooper Reed. "I mean it's all a distraction. Focus on controlling your three thousand pound vehicle."

Since the recent texting and driving law, Trooper Reed says he's noticed drivers pulled over on the side of the highway, unnecessarily, to use their cell phones.

 "They're pulling over on the side of the road on Highway 20, where you can't do that," said Trooper Reed. "You need to find an exit, and pull over off the highways. I mean it's not an emergency if you're pulling over just to make a phone call."

Trooper Reed says it's simple. Focus on one thing when you get behind the wheel: just driving. Part of that includes being alert to what is happening. 

In situations of emergencies on roads and highways, Trooper Reed says it's important to pay attention, or you could be causing another accident. 

Impaired driving is a no brainer, but Trooper Reed says drowsy driving is equally as dangerous. 

"If you're tired your reaction time goes down, just like if you were drunk," said Trooper Reed. "So that's very important to make sure you're not driving on very little sleep."

One last reminder is making sure your car is visible on the roads. 

"Night time, when you're driving-the big thing is being visible for other people," said Trooper Reed. "You might be able to see, but make sure your break lights are working and your headlights are in order. Be able to be visible as well as to see too."

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