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Blind cross country runner beats personal record

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A blind runner beat her own record by crossing the finish line at nearly 37 minutes.

Wendy Flores, a senior at Dubuque Senior, says she sets a goal before every race, but Wendy says it's not about the number, it's about making herself proud and showing how strong she is, despite being blind.

"It's pure joy she's that kind of kid," described Louie Fischer, Dubuque Senior's country coach. "She's joyful with everything she does and running is no different for her."

Wendy says she lost her sight years ago.

"There was one night that it hit me naturally and I couldn't see," said Wendy.

Now, with the help of a guide Wendy is running 5K races, despite her disability. Over the past couple of months Wendy has continued to improve her time and this weekend she says, she's reached her goal.

"I look up to myself and I tell myself I can do this, that God has me and God is running with me," said Wendy.

Through the sea of runners, it's hard to miss Wendy's smile. Her team and coaches say her drive and spirit sparks inspiration in all of them.

"She's just another team member, but I think in another way she's not," said Coach Fischer. "She's pretty inspirational and the things she's over come with her visual impairment hasn't stopped her at she's a source of inspiration for sure."

Wendy says she feels strong and is proud of herself and she encourages others to do what they love.

"Do what you want to do. If you want to run, go run. Show everybody that you can doesn't matter if you're blind or not or if you're excited just do what you can do, don't hide your disability," said Wendy.

During the final stretch of every race Wendy drops the tether that anchors her to her guide and finishes the race herself. According to Wendy's coach she finished today's race in 36 minutes and 58 seconds, a personal best.

Coaches say over the last three races Wendy has improved her time by five minutes, which they say is incredible.

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