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Police will use 'Dragon Cam' in school, construction zones

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The Cedar Rapids Police Department will be getting a Dragon Cam to use in construction and school zones. 

Although the Dragon Cam will take pictures and issue tickets, there is a major difference between it and the Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) cameras in the city. 

An officer will physically be with the Dragon Cam and will have to pull a trigger to detect someone's speed. 

"They pull a trigger it sends a laser out to detect the speed," says police spokesperson Greg Buelow. 

"We already have laser, but now it's laser with the ability to take those photographs where the officer now doesn't have to get back in the squad car if they are out on the sidewalk and go catch up to the vehicle," he added. 

The Dragon Cam will be used in construction and school zones because those are areas where police say it's often hard to physically pull someone over and they are also areas where kids and workers are. 

ATE's allow a 12 mph grace speed for drivers but Dragon Cams will likely allow less.  

"In a school zone we don't feel that allowing 37 miles an hour is an acceptable speed again you are talking 1.5 times the posted speed limit, that's not, that's not going to be acceptable," says Buelow. 

Tickets will most likely be a minimum of $50. 

The department says it's not about issuing tickets, but getting people to slow down. 

City council members approved the camera in their meeting on Tuesday. 

The police department expects to get it within the next month. 

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