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Hy-Vee cashier to retire after 45 years

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A Hy-Vee cashier will end her career after working at the same store for 45 years.

Lori Clabby of Waterloo has been working at the Crossroads Hy-Vee since 1972.

She started in the meat department, worked as a scanner, and she's been working as a cashier for the last several years.

After next week, she'll bag her last set of groceries and retire.

Lori says she doesn't even remember her first day of work, but she hasn't forgotten all the people she's had the opportunity to meet over the years.

Lori greets all her customers with a smile and a warm 'hello,' and with all her experience, customers have become more like friends over the years.

"I've just always enjoyed coming to work I guess," Clabby said.

Lori started in the meat department 45 years ago, and when she retires next week she says what she'll miss the most is simply interacting with the people.

"I'll just never forget everybody I've met over the years. Then you have people who have worked here and come back, and they say, 'do you remember me?', and I say, 'no.' Then, they say their name, and I think, 'yeah,' because I have worked with so many different people over my career," Clabby said.

Despite all her service, Lori said she really doesn't have a secret to longevity.

"I don't. I never thought I'd be here. You know, when you start the first day of your job, I never thought where I would be 45 years later," Clabby said.

Instead of looking back on her years, Lori said she's planning to spend more time with family.

"Being on my feet for 45 years has been tough. It's just time for sitting down for a little bit in my life," Lori said.

Not only has Lori worked at the Crossroads Hy-Vee for 45 years, but her husband, Dave Clabby, has also logged more than 42 years at the store too.

Dave says he's excited for Lori, and he'll miss seeing her at work.

Lori's last full day as a cashier is set for Monday, and a party will be held Tuesday.

According to Dave Clabby, after an employee has been part of the Hy-Vee team for more than 40 years, they get their picture taken, and that photo gets added to Hy-Vee fleet vehicles.

So, if you've seen Dave and Lori on the side of semi-truck trailers, it's because they've been loyal employees of Hy-Vee for more than 40 years.

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