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Intruder causes $4,000 worth of damages at Hoochies Bar

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An area bar suffers $4,000 worth of damages after a man broke in. Evansdale Police say the break-in happened just before 5:00 a.m. Saturday at Hoochies bar.

This is not the first time something like this has happened this month. Evansdale Police say this break-in may be connected to a burglary at the AMVETS also in Evansdale. A similar situation also happened at Lofty's Lounge. Evansdale Police say, all three could be connected. 

Police say it's too much of a coincidence that three bars in the area were all broken into within a few weeks. Most recently Hoochies was robbed, but the intruder only left with $70. 

The owners of Hoochies bar say the intruder was in the bar for less than ten minutes

"He got away with $70 so I kind of laugh at him at the same time because he caused more damage then he did get as he ran away," said Tiffany Brustkern, Hoochies Manager.

The owners say the intruder broke a second story window and proceeded to jump through it into the bar.

"He busted up both of our gamblers and he went around basically our whole bar, kind of went into the POS machine, got some cash out of there...he got into the jukebox, got about 50 bucks out of there and then he scurried back out within eight minutes," said Brustkern.

The aftermath has shaken the Brustkern family, the owners of Hoochies.

"It's depressing, I mean the back window was shattered, it's all over the pool table, glass everywhere...our machines are busted open," described Brustkern. "The damage was very depressing."

The intruder did not leave with much, but everything was caught on surveillance camera.

"No mask, no gloves...we've got finger prints on everything, he will get caught I guarantee you that," said Brustkern.

Brustkern has a message for the unmasked man.

"Get a job, honestly get a job and work hard, that's what life is supposed to be...not busting into people's businesses and ruining people's lives," said Brustkern.

Even though the intruder only got away with $70, the owners says the insurance company estimated the intruder caused nearly $4,000 in damages.

No one's been arrested in any of these cases, but police say it's likely the same person who broke into all three bars.

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