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Unusual weather affecting pumpkin patch in Dubuque County

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When Pam Schuster looks out over her pumpkin patch in rural Dubuque County, she sees a lot more green pumpkins then she'd like to.

A weird couple of months of weather have had an effect on her pumpkin crop this year.

"The problem was in June when the pumpkins were planted, we got no rain for a couple of weeks. So they were very slow coming," Schuster said. "Some of them didn't come at all. We didn't have the warm temps and the right temps and they just were a little slow this year. A lot of the pumpkins are green yet."

Schuster expects about 1,500 people to come through her pumpkin patch this fall.  She says she can usually expect to sell that many pumpkins, if not more.

"There's more out there than what we thought there was at the beginning. It's hard to tell, even two weeks ago, it's hard to tell with all the green leaves how many pumpkins you have."

And now unseasonably warm temperatures affecting what's going on in that pumpkin patch.

While it's a good thing for those pumpkins that haven't ripened yet, she says it speeds the rotting process for pumpkins that have already ripened.

"It was a little stressful when they weren't coming like we thought they would. Last year we had a beautiful crop, and we had pumpkins left over. And this year is just kinda the opposite, with not so many. So yeah, a little stressful, but I think we'll be alright," she said.

She says they planted more pumpkins than usual this year, and she thinks that will help them make up for the ones they lose to the weather.

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