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Community raises nearly $2K for inclusive playground

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For months, an area group of children have been working to raise money to help their friend with a disability. They're calling themselves Beau's Buddies and they're raising money pay for an inclusive playground in Cedar Falls meant for all children, disabled or not.

The group gathered in the park's potential location off of Greenhill Road today to sell pumpkins to raise money.

"All children have the right to play and play in a safe environment," said Amanda Weichers, Beau's mother.

Nine-year-old Beau has some balance issues and was born with a rare brain abnormality, making him epileptic. His mother Amanda and a group of his friends have set out to make a playground he and his friends can play on together.

"We wanted to have it so there could be a standard swing, an adaptive swing, a wheelchair swing then a standard swing so that children were all playing together...there's no division there," said Weichers. " This is a big deal to a lot of people in this community...we want a place where everybody can play together."

Beau's friends say it would mean a lot to him and them if they could all play together.

"It's really important because it doesn't matter if you have a disability or a non-disability, Beau's just normal and we treat him just like we would treat everyone else," said Henry Wiering, Beau's friend.

Beau loves playing with his friends and the bond he has with his friends makes his mother very proud.

"When you have a child with special needs one of things you worry about is, are they going to get made fun of? Are they going to fit in at school? How is this going to work?" said Weichers.

Beau's friends help him, laugh with him and accept him.

"I think it's going to be a lot easier for him to get around especially the equipment, which is hard for others to get on so I think it's gonna be a lot easier for him and us to all play together," said Henry.

Weichers says a family donated 300 pumpkins to be sold today and within a hour or so most of them were sold, by this afternoon all of the pumpkins were gone.

Organizers say they were able to raise nearly $2,000 today. For more information on Place to Play Park and Beau's Beautiful Blessings CLICK HERE.

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