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Sen. Ernst town hall gets heated over health care

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Health care was at the forefront during Senator Joni Ernst's town hall in Johnson County. 

She faced some tension speaking at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, taking questions for the entire hour.

"With Obamacare it's one size fits all," Ernst told the crowd. 

She told reporters afterward she is leaning yes on the Graham-Cassidy bill as a way to replace Obamacare because of the power it gives individual states. 
 For example she said, "Iowa has a lot more elderly people in it's population maybe than some other states so if we need to craft a plan that would work better for our elderly population Iowa could do that."

Another hot button topic during the town hall was DACA, something President Trump recently ended.
"It didn't give them a legal status. It just allowed them to exist as dreamers so what we need to do is go back and I think he did the right thing, and I do support folks," she told the crowd.

Multiple people walked out chanting, "We've heard enough."

At times there were cheers in agreement with the Senator but overall things remained tense.  
"Really if I said anything, if I said the sky was blue in regards to this healthcare bill you would disagree," Ernst said. 

Despite everything she told us she did get some productive notes out of the meeting, we asked her about them afterward. 

 "Making sure that Medicaid remains available, spending levels are available, pre-exisitng conditions, again reaffirming that we need to make sure we are protecting in whatever manner those that have pre-existing conditions," she told us. 

A group rallied outside of the town hall. 
  "I just actually lost a friend of  mine with cancer, she had a lot of debt from her medical expenses," says Carla Buckingham of Coralville . 
Senator Ernst told us she doesn't see how a vote on the proposed health bill would come up at this point unless there are some supportive democratic senators. 

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