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Students released early from school

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Several schools are canceling evening events, and some students are headed home early because of the hot and humid weather.

It might be the first day of fall, but it definitely doesn't feel like it.

At last check, more than 25 eastern Iowa schools sent students home early Friday.

Several fans were working overtime in classrooms across the state.

Sticky conditions made it difficult for students to stay awake and focused in classes like P.E.

"You sweat a lot," Sydney in the third grade said.

"It's kind of annoying," Jackson in the third grade said.

Sydney and Jackson said the first day of fall feels more like the middle of summer.

"Because it's too hot outside," Sydney said.

"When you're in the classroom, it's just hot, and it's hard too cool down when you're in the hot classroom with other people," Jackson said.

Buses and parents lined up early to take students home for the day.

Students say they'd much rather be outside enjoying the summer-like weather.

"Probably be at the pool," Jackson said.

Even though educators brought in extra fans, opened windows, and turned off lights to cut down on the heat, they still sent students home early.

"Because, it's so hot out, and it feels like summer, because summer is like 90 degrees," Jackson said.

Denver administrators say they keep a close eye on thermostats in those warmer classrooms, and they decided to send students home early, because those rooms were much warmer than normal.

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