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Woman says she was shot with a BB inches away from her baby

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While adjusting her baby in his car seat, a woman said she was hit by a metal BB from an airsoft gun.

Amanda Gorman says she was in her backyard in Cedar Rapids on Friday afternoon when it happened. She had just buckled her son in his car seat and had reached back in to adjust the belt when she was struck, inches away from her 11-month old son.

"I was really shaken up and I was like I have to call the police. It's not okay.  If my arm wasn't in there it could have hit him. It was kind of scary," Gorman said.

According to Gorman, three boys had been shooting an airsoft gun across the street, behind a tree in the front yard of one of the boy's homes. The BB managed to cross a busy road and get through her chain-link fence to hit her.

Nearly a week later, a circular mouth is still visible on her arm. She said it stung when it hit her and was uncomfortable, but even uncomfortable to her is how the situation could have easily been worse.

"What if I wouldn't have reached back in to readjust his buckle, it would have hit him. Where? I'm not sure. It could have been the face, the chest, his legs," she said.

Gorman said she's frustrated that none of the boys have had to take any responsibility for what happened.

"They didn't think that the child that lived in the home where the incident occurred would give up the name cause we didn't see who directly was holding the weapon because of all the [overgrown tree]. They couldn't prove that it was intentional or anything like that and all of the kids took off by the time police officers got here," she said. 

Greg Buelow with the Cedar Rapids Police Department said officers were dispatched to the home but that the boys had fled.

Gorman said if anything she wants the boys and other people to know that what happened, isn't okay.

"People walk up and down with their little kids all the time. It could have hit them or their child," she said. 

On Thursday, Gorman said that after reaching out to police again that they agreed to follow up and attempt to talk the boy at the home.

Buelow said, in a separate incident, that three juveniles, ages 10, 11, 12 were charged with criminal mischief on Tuesday for damaging a vehicle with a BB gun. That incident happened in the 700 block of 2nd Avenue SW which happens to be six blocks away from Gorman's home.

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