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Long-standing hotel demolished for flood protection

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A long-time hotel is coming down to make way for flood protection. 

The Best Western Cooper's Mill Hotel flooded in 2008 and had another big scare last year when the river rose again. 

When they closed to prepare for potential flooding in 2016 they never reopened. 

The city says the hotel approached them about buying out the property early and they did just that, for $5.3 Million. 

Earlier this year a liquidation sale got rid of nearly everything inside. 

Now the entire building is coming down. 
"For awhile we are gonna see it'll be grassed over and an area that will allow the river some area to breathe," says Rob Davis, Cedar Rapids Flood Control Program Manager. 

Eventually the plan is to build a levee that will cut through the property similar to the Sinclair levee being built near Newbo. 

We are told it's likely 10-15 years away but once the levee is built the city hopes to make use of the open space with things like soccer fields and pavilions. 

The city says there are some more properties they will need to buy out to make way for the flood protection plan and they are mostly single family homes. 

Given the timeline, right now the city is simply a willing buyer if those homeowners want to sell. 

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