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Burglar breaks into Amvets

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Police are looking for the burglar who broke into an Amvets Post and stole money.

Even though the break-in happened a week ago in Evansdale, it's still fresh on the minds of the people throughout the community.

Surveillance video shows the few seconds a burglar broke into Amvets Post 31 to steal money.

Amvets Post 31 Finance Officer, Gary Sauser, is expressing that even though it's a bar, he's disgusted with the burglar.

"Well, you don't want to cut the bars down or anything, but to me, breaking into a veterans' organization is pretty low," Sauser said.

Workers say this isn't the first time they've been broken into.

Back in 1990, it happened twice.

The first time, they broke into the safe, and the second time it was a cigarette machine.

Despite those break-ins, Gary says he was surprised last week to come to work, and see that someone had broken in through the back of the building.

"I came in around 1:00 in the afternoon, and I noticed the glass on the floor near the back door there, and I looked at the machines, and I noticed they had been broken into," Sauser said.

The thief broke into three gambling machines and a jukebox to get money.

They also ripped apart an empty cash register with a crow bar.

"And, I would guess he's been here before, because he knew what he was looking for," Sauser said.

Gary said it's unfortunate the burglar targeted the veterans' organization.

"I'm sort of surprised, but there have been other businesses out here broken into. So, we were probably just next on the list," Sauser said.

According to Evansdale Police, the break-in happened last Thursday, and they're asking anyone with information to come forward.

Amvets workers say they're not sure how much money was taken from the machines, but they're confirming the register was empty.

Authorities are still working to learn how much damage was caused.

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