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Iowa teacher will donate kidney to coworker's dad

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An area elementary teacher is donating a kidney to a coworker's dad. 

Tricia Weber teaches at Grant Wood in Cedar Rapids, she will be donating one of her kidneys in November. 

It all started when David Gosch found out he had kidney failure last year.

The plan was for his daughter Jessica to donate one of hers to him but she found out she would not be able to. 

 "We were looking forward to this, so how hard it would be to go home and tell dad I can't, I can't do it," Jessica says. 

Jessica works as a paraprofessional in Weber's classroom. 

When Weber found out about the situation she took action.

 "I thought about well what would happen if my dad would ever be sick and I would want people to come forward and be tested and hopefully save his life or make his life better," Weber told us. 

Weber was a match for David and never having met him before, decided to give him one of her kidneys. 

 "I dropped to my knees in tears, I think I even told her I don't even know what to say to you besides thank you," says Jessica. 
 "Really in a situation like that there are no words, that's, there's nothing bigger than the gift of life," she added. 

David is looking forward to a bright and healthy future.

"To have somebody that could come forward, it renewed my faith in people," he told us. 
"Really there is a lot of love and kindness in the world and to be someone who is the beneficiary of it, I'll never forget it and I hope that I can help people when I get better," he says. 
Outside of not having met David, Weber had only known Jessica for 3 months when she offered to be a donor for her dad. 

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