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200 headstones gathered from pet cemetery

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With a metal detector and shovel an area woman has been working to move the headstones of animals buried in a pet cemetery.

The cemetery land is being re-developed so Kathy Taylor and her team have been working to return the head stones to pet owners. Taylor says she originally went to Platt's Cemetery looking for her dog's grave, but when she got there she found dozens more. So she decided to start her project and a year later she has uncovered hundreds of headstones.

"We found about 200 so far and I've got 41 back to owners, so that's a pretty good percentage," said Taylor.

All of the headstones were found in the field on Cedar Heights Drive, which used to be a pet cemetery in the late 1900's.

"I've loved every minute of this, it's been so much more then I expected when I started so it's great," Taylor.

Since starting the project Taylor has reunited more than 40 pet owners with their headstones.

"Everybody has been thrilled a lot of people have said, 'I've tried to find mine and I couldn't' or a lot of people thought they were all gone, but most of them were under ground," said Taylor.

Taylor and her team have moved the headstones into storage. Right now there are about 150 headstones in storage and Kathy says she knows there are more to be found and she won't stop until she finds them all.

"That's going to keep bothering me that there or 25 or 26 out there that I haven't found," said Taylor. "I want everybody to have theirs back and I'd hate to tell people I haven't found them yet, but I am going to keep going till I can't get in there anymore."

Taylor has removed most of the headstones, but the pet's remains are still at the field. Taylor says she could not move the remains herself. 

"When I started this I thought it was something I would do, but me and a shovel and a couple other people can't do that," said Taylor.

Taylor says she's working to remove those animal remains  and she's hopeful they can be added to another pet cemetery. A plan to move the remains is in the works.

For more information on how to get involved or find your pet CLICK HERE.

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