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Garage fire destroys two homes, arson suspected

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Two homes were destroyed after a fire spread from a garage and crews believe the fire may have been intentionally set.

Fire crews responded to the 100 block of Fourth Avenue Northeast in Oelwein around 5:00 last night for a fire.

Tonight, one Oelwein woman is homeless after a fire at her neighbor's home spread. She was inside her home when it caught fire, but she was able to get out okay.

"The house was in flames, both houses and I was concerned about the neighbors," said Shawna Warnke, Oelwein.

Kim Meyer lives across the street from where the fire started, she was thankful the fire didn't keep spreading.

"We could feel it across the street, the heat," said Meyer, Oelwein.

Crews say the blaze was possibly set on purpose. That is a scary thought for most neighbors.

"I was scared," said Meyer. "It was very frightening, they didn't have it out till about 9:00 p.m."

Neighbors helplessly watched everything unfold.

"It started in the garage and it engulfed the garage in less than a minute and the flames jumped to the two houses and started working through the two houses," described Meyer.

Fire crews say the fire started in a garage at a home that sat in between two other houses. Crews were able to stop the flames from spreading to one home right next door, but the woman who lives in the home on the other side lost her home to a fire that wasn't hers.

"I hope they get the justice that they deserve for the tragedy of the fire," said Warnke.

One woman was forced to leave her home. while a neighbors say a family was forced from the home that had the garage catch fire.

Neighbors say police have been called to the home where the fire started multiple times. KWWL checked in with Oelwein Police about the number of calls to that home, but have not heard back

Crews are investigating the fire as possible arson. No one was hurt.

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