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Man who filmed sexual assaults to spend 10 years in prison

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An Iowa City man who was accused of videotaping, as he sexually abused an incapacitated woman on several occasions, will now face prison time.

On Thursday, Nathan Schloss, 26, was sentenced to ten years in prison. Schloss previously plead guilty to five counts of invasion of privacy and a felony assault charge. Prosecutors dropped 35 other counts, including 18 for sexual abuse, as part of a plea deal.

Back in 2014, Schloss turned in a hard drive to police to show them video of his then-roommate torturing his kitten. Police found roughly 200 videos that had been deleted from it, many showing Schloss sexually assaulting a woman, who police say was powerless.

"This is an extremely serious series of offenses that occurred over a period of time so there were many opportunities to do something different, and yet the behavior continued," District Court Judge, Chad Kepros, said.

Schloss was emotionless in court and chose not to make any statement when asked.

"You can either use the prison time to better yourself or you can use it as a waste of time, and I hope you use it to better yourself. Good luck," Kepros said in his final words to Schloss after the sentencing.

Police said it was obvious in the videos that the victim didn't know what was happening. In court, victim advocate Sara Hulen read a letter written by the victim. In it, she said she had no knowledge of the events until police called her about an investigation they were doing into Schloss.

She wrote that she was asked to look at the videos and photos and identify herself in them, and that in some she was tied-up and humiliated.

"The videos were the hardest thing I've ever had to watch. Seeing myself helpless, motionless, and not able to speak or defend myself against the actions that were taking place at the hands of a man...was not only shocking but horrifying," she wrote.

However, the victim said there was one night she woke up and said Schloss was doing things to her. She wrote that she freaked out and his roommate had threatened to call the cops on Schloss, but he had promised to never do it again. 

Schloss's lawyer, Dean Keegan, appeared to still want to fight the charges, sighting concerns about how police recovered the video in the first place, but said it was Schloss's decision to take the plea, wanting to take responsibility for his actions.

"Your honor, Nate is going to prison today. He knows that and he’s agreed to do that, to allow everyone to go forward with their lives," Keegan said.

Schloss will be required to register as a sex offender for 10 years following his release.

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