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Bean bags, bar stools, beach chairs: Waterloo teacher tries flexible seating

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Reading, writing and relaxing?

Not relaxing, exactly, but a teacher in Waterloo is trying a new concept in her classroom: flexible seating.

Jamie Oberheu teaches fifth grade at Orange Elementary. She says there's a reason behind allowing students to choose how they learn.

"I have a lot of kids this year who need different seating options, and so I try to make it so everybody gets what they need to be successful." 

In Oberheu's classroom, you'll find bean bags, floor mats, beach chairs, bar stools, fidget bands and more. The kids are finding out what works best for them in the classroom environment.

"It's comfy and you can fold it up and have arm rests right here, and it's alone under there, and you can see the board pretty good," Brody says; he chooses to do his work in a bean bag. 

It's easy to see, being comfortable is key with these fifth graders.

"I like to spin around and it's comfortable," Brooklyn says while sitting in a higher chair. 

Another student, Lily, says, "It's comfortable and I have my own space to do all my work and stuff." Lily decided to work on a floor mat. 

Oberheu says she hopes flexible seating leads to better learning and more productivity. She says it's been successful in her classroom so far this school year. 

She also says, self-confidence is another factor in flexible seating. She says by fifth grade, kids begin to feel self-conscious about looking different; but with flexible seating, everyone looks different in their own way. 

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