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Living out a life-long dream on the field

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Does it get more American than Friday night football?

One young man like many grew up dreaming about playing under the lights, but unfortunately, a physical handicap kept him off the team, until now.

The Union Knights are always a strong team under Coach Joe Hadachek, but they got some extra special coaching tips from their friend Marcus Fridley during Friday's game.

The Knights made a huge second play of the game to put Union on the board within the first minute.

The touchdown sent coaches, players, and staff on the sidelines into a celebration, among them was guest coach Marcus Fridley.

Marcus is possibly the biggest football fan there is.

"I love everything about football!" exclaimed Marcus.

He knew exactly what the Knights needed to do to keep putting numbers on the board.

"Get down and covered." said Marcus to Union player number three coming off the field.

Full of advice and encouragement, Marcus called several of the plays for the Knights.

"A play action pass, but first we've got to run the ball to set the play up so we can chuck it deep," said Marcus.

Union Head Coach Hadachek and Marcus met at Home Depot, where Marcus is a greeter.

"Every time I come in the door, we end up talking football whether it is pro, college, or high school. We talked about his dream, being a coach," said Coach Hadachek.

And during Friday's game, Hadachek gave Marcus that opportunity.

"I am finally living out my dream!" said an excited Marcus.

During the game, Hadachek and Marcus stood coach and coach on the sidelines.

"That's what makes tonight special. He knows football. You never know what he is going to share with us. I think we are in great hands," said Coach Hadachek.

"Thank you coach!" said Marcus.

The Knights certainly were in good hands, blowing out Monticello 42-0.

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