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Annual Game Ball Run ends in Tama

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One of the biggest rivalries in Iowa is between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones. Despite that rivalry the two schools came together today for a good cause.

The Army ROTC groups from both colleges ran in the Annual Game Ball Run Run today, just one day before the highly anticipated Cy-Hawk game.

"You know this is always a tough event for us because we know we have to keep the rivalry going," said David Pauls, Iowa State Army ROTC. "We've got to keep it strong, but at the same time we are both the Army ROTC programs so at the heart of it all we are brothers and sisters in the program."

After visiting a few towns on their way in from Iowa City and Ames both schools met in Tama, running through the halls of South Tama Elementary School.

"The kids were just so excited to have us running through," said Pauls. "They were all looking for high fives and they were all screaming and yelling...we were charging through and every time we ran around they just had renewed vigor and renewed energy, the energy was just amazing."

The cadets were honored to run today, many community members showing their appreciation for the ROTC members.

"They get to see the appreciation the communities have," said Rick Crouse, University of Iowa Army ROTC. "We left the elementary school earlier today with hearing damage because of all the cheering and just how happy the kids were."

But in the back of everyone's minds today was tomorrow's big game.

"I just hope Ames doesn't take it too hard," joked Crouse. "There's counseling there they can get help that they need afterwards."

Cyclone fans saying they will be the victor, but both sides are wishing for a good clean game.

"I just want it to be a good game of course with an Iowa State victory as long as it's a good game and close," said Joy Schirmer, Tama.

Iowa State spent sometime in Marshalltown today visiting with veterans and the University of Iowa ran through another elementary school in Williamsburg with Herkie.

The big Iowa verse Iowa State game is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.i n Ames.

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