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Dogs from flooded shelter start over in Cedar Rapids

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Dogs from a flooded shelter on the Louisiana border are getting a new lease on life after being rescued from poor living conditions.

Thursday afternoon, Fur Fun Rescue, an animal rescue shelter out of Lisbon, brought back 29 dogs from a trip that didn't go quite as plan.

"Our intent was to head into Louisiana and get some of those dogs out of harms way and we made it as far as a shelter in southern Arkansas around the Louisiana border and there were 29 dogs there in pretty horrible conditions and we never left," Roxanne Hoover, Fur Fun Rescue Director, said.

The dogs had been living in poor conditions and because of it, suffer from many health problems. Hoover said this is because there's not enough funding in southern areas to help shelter pets.

"They were standing in water. 29 dogs. We have 24 ear infections, five eye infections, 4 neuter infections, 15 dental, 2 skin infections, and at least two heart worm positive dogs," she said.

After seeing the dogs, they said they couldn't turn a single one of them away, taking in all of the dogs from the shelter. Which will lessen the load and other nearby shelters who can move in displaced pets from Hurricane Harvey.

Hoover said many of the dogs don't know a life outside of the shelter. Many of the dogs, not knowing how to walk with a collar and leash, had to be carried around by volunteers.

"You can see he doesn't know how to walk. He doesn't know what to do. He's just terrified. You can see it in his eyes there's no joy in his life yet," Hoover said while looking at one of the struggling dogs.

The eyes of those dogs will soon tell a different story. 

Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids opened a space for the volunteers to bring the dogs too after the long drive back It gave them space to be fed, given water, and though still a new thing, be walked. It's where they were also paired up with their foster families.

Stations were set up where fosters could get the dogs their own toys, collars, tags, and their individual medicine. Hoover said it will take some time for these dogs to heal before they can be adopted.

While the dogs are being treated and cared for, Fur Fun Rescue is still in need to cover the costs of caring for them.

"We paid a $2300 vet bill in Arkansas alone just to get health certificates, exams, and meds for every dog. These dogs have a lot of vetting to go," she said.

Donations can be made on their website here. Hoover said people can follow along with the dogs journeys to recovery on their Facebook. When ready to be adopted, the dogs will be listed on Petfinder.

Critter Crusaders who also left for the Texas-area this week to bring displaced pets medical supplies are expected to return tomorrow. Hoover said they'll be bringing in more dogs and cats too.

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