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University of Iowa business building temporarily closed after flooding

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Some college students returned to school Tuesday after the Labor Day weekend to find classes canceled, after parts of a campus building were flooded.

Just before 11 a.m., fire alarms went off throughout the Pappajohn Business Building on the University of Iowa's campus. It was quickly determined, though, that it wasn't because of a fire.

UI Senior Associate Dean, Amy Kristof-Brown, said it happened because of a construction mishap. During renovations to the third-floor library, a fire sprinkler head was hit, causing it to go off in one of the building's computer labs. Kristof-Brown said damage was done to the lab and adjoining rooms where water was able to get into.

Students attempting to go to class afterward were met with locked doors, with signs on them saying the building was closed due to an electrical emergency.

"Someone in the computer lab said that the water just sprayed out from the ceiling so, yeah, it's kind of strange.  And then I just came here to make sure the news was true and saw there was a small paper on the door," University of Iowa business student, Zhihao Zhou, said.

Kristof-Brown said the decision was made to temporarily cancel all classes in the building because of electrical concerns, and they wanted to make sure the building was safe before students re-entered.

"The lights flickered, so we knew it was an electricity problem and then from, like, the west side to the south side, it was blocked off in the center.  And then so we went down and went around the building to go to the south side of the building, and we looked through the door cracks, and we saw that the whole place is ripped apart pretty much," University of Iowa student, Amy Luong, said.

ServiceMaster Clean was on site with fans. Kristof-Brown said they hope to resume classes in some of the affected rooms after they're able to be dried out.

The building was re-opened at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. Kristof-Brown said instructors in the affected rooms would be contacting their students about re-scheduling or relocating classes.

The cost of damages due to the flooding is unknown at this time.

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