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Cedar Falls native rescued during Houston flooding

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A Cedar Falls native rescued from the roof of her flooded Houston home is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from her hometown. 

Up until last Tuesday, Cedar Falls native and now Houston resident Mary Jackson was braving the flooding that wreaked havoc across the city. Jackson says her home in the Briar Hills neighborhood, close to the dam, was dry through Sunday night. 

"I was fortunate I had a two-story home," said Jackson. "I guess I couldn't believe it could get as bad as it did get."

With rising waters and no other way to call for help, Jackson took to her roof. Jackson had no power, her phone was dead, and the flooding was gaining momentum in her home. 

"That was probably the most unsettling part for me," said Jackson.  "And at that point I went out on my roof again just to have contact with people. To wait and see, until I saw some kayakers and boaters so that someone knew I was there, I knew they knew I was there, and I knew they knew I was ready to go."

By Tuesday, much of her neighborhood was under water. 

"You saw coast guard boats, I mean there was a coast guard boat coming down my street and I could hear somebody was calling out at one point," said Jackson. 

But Jackson will be the first to tell you-it wasn't just Coast Guards showing their bravery. 

"The number of neighbors in kayaks, and canoes and inflatable boats-it was amazing," said Jackson. "These people who took me in that boat-I had never met them. They didn't know me. And they were so loving and caring and when I got out of the boat someone was there with a dry towel to put on me. And someone watched my dog. They took my bags and both of my dogs. And another young man came and took my cats that were in kennels then came and got me."

Currently, water in Jackson's house is about waist high. The lingering flooding has left her with so much uncertainty, but the outpouring of support from friends all the way in Iowa has kept her treading. Her high school classmate from Columbus, Sue Randall, started a GoFundMe for Jackson. 

"To see those people reach out to me-in a time like this-it's overwhelming," said Jackson. "When you are shivering cold it's like someone just warmed up a blanket, wrapped you up and just said everything's going to be okay. You're going to be okay-you're not alone. And it's literally people lifting you up on their shoulders and holding you up and making you feel strong-and that's what gets me through everyday."

Jackson says she won't be able to get back into her house until the water recedes which could take anywhere from another five to ten days. In the meantime, she plans on staying with her daughter. She also shares she's grateful to a friend who has offered her a home to stay in. The home was originally for sale, but sits empty and wasn't affected by the flooding.

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