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Tall corn spells danger for drivers on rural roads

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Seas of green can be seen across the state, as corn has gotten to about it's highest height.

While it's a familiar and sometimes beautiful sight for Iowans, it can also mean danger at some of Iowa's most rural intersections.

"If I were to blindfold you and tell you at anytime to pull out on a highway, more than likely, you're going to say no, I'm not going to pull out on a highway. The corn acts the same way. It's essentially your blindfold," said Iowa State Trooper Jon Stickney.

The dangers are heightened on Iowa's gravel roads, where the sudden appearance can catch you off guard.

There it's harder to stop, because your tires don't have the same grip they have on concrete or asphalt.

That danger is even more present at uncontrolled intersections, which are intersections without stop or yield signs.

Stickney recommends treating those intersections like they are controlled anyway--stopping or at least slowing down to make sure you aren't missing any oncoming traffic.

"But most importantly, especially when you have visibility issues, like high corn, paying attention, driving your vehicle and driving defensively is going to save your life in any situation. So stopping at an intersection, even though you have the right away," Stickney said.

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