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Grimes company responds to refund concerns

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We first introduced Marcella Stolba, 87, and Robert Stolba, 90, of Cedar Rapids Thursday.

They agreed to buy a nearly $18,000 walk-in bath tub for their home back in July, but they didn't realize it was so costly.

When their children initially saw the receipt, they tried canceling the project right away and requesting a refund.

However, the Grimes company, Aqua Care USA, didn't return the refund of phone calls for weeks, and when they finally sent the refund check Aug. 21, the check wouldn't clear.

After we reached out to the Grimes company Thursday and aired the story, an Aqua Care representative came through and agreed to refund the family their nearly $9,000 deposit.

We caught up with the Stolbas' daughter over the phone, and she said she's relieved about the news, but she's not celebrating just yet.

Robert and Marcella Stolba's family finally feels some relief this week after a month of phone calls, and Aqua Care USA in Grimes agreed to refund the nearly $9,000 check.

Their daughter Susan and son Ron both got more concerned after trying to track down a person to refund their money.

"Unfortunately, I was doing this during the day, and I work. So, I was taking time away to talk to these people, which was terribly frustrating, because I wasn't getting anywhere," Susan Glass said.

Susan said after the refund check arrived in the mail Aug. 21, and it didn't clear. 

So, she reached out to the company again, the Attorney General's Office in Des Moines, and the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, she reached out to KWWL.

"I don't think I would have ever heard from him if we were just pursuing it by ourselves," Susan said.

After Thursday's story aired and hit social media, an Aqua Care representative, calling himself 'Lu' -- who didn't want to release his last name, called us back, and he said the Stolbas are entitled to the nearly $9,000 refund.

Susan said it's a step in the right direction, but it's not done just yet.

The Stolbas say they expect to receive a cashier's check no later than Tuesday.

"I was happy that it was going to be happening, but I'm still reserving a little bit of that celebration until they actually have the check in hand," Susan said.

When we asked the Aqua Care representative why that first refund check didn't clear, he didn't provide a clear answer, even though we asked whether there wasn't enough money in the account.

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