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Seeing more than double, Hempstead class of 2018 includes 10 sets of twins

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An eastern Iowa high school has quite the senior class this year.

The class of 2018 at Stephen Hempstead High School in Dubuque includes 10 sets of twins.

Eighteen of the students took time out of their busy class schedule to talk with KWWL about how special this is.

Many of them have been attending school together since kindergarten. "I knew there were at least seven because in elementary school, we were interviewed for seven sets, but I didn't know it grew to at least like 10 sets," Grace Jackson said. 

Three of the sets are identical, some admitting they have switched places, even tricking teachers.  "I didn't know the teachers name, I didn't know my classmates,"  Marlonda Bell-Clarke said. "It was kinda easy to tell who was who."

The group said being a twin has its benefits.

"If you miss a day of school, like well at least for us, we're in a lot of the same classes, so she generally knows the homework, so I'm not texting everybody in every class to figure it out," said Marcella Anderson.

"I mean you'll always have that friend with you, like even when we go to college, like we're probably gonna dorm together," Grace said. "It makes it easier to transition into new things."

But there are also those other moments.

"Me, when I do something that I'm not supposed to do, and they'll ask who it is...I'll try to blame it on my twin,"  Marlonda added.

The twins said they don't know what its like to not be a twin. They know its special, but its not something they think about all the time. 

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