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Eastern Iowa couple waits for $9K refund check

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An area couple is out thousands of dollars after buying a walk-in tub and not realizing the $18,000 price tag.

Now, their children are trying to get a refund, but they say their parents are getting the run-around from the Grimes, Iowa business.

It's been a month since the Cedar Rapids family agreed to buy the walk-in tub for their home, but when their children found out the total cost, they tried stopping the project and getting a refund for the down payment.

They initially tried stopping the payment, but the check was deposited the day after.

So, they tried reaching out to the company in Grimes called, Aqua Care USA, and they say it's been a nightmare ever since.

Marcella, 87, and Robert Stolba, 90, of Cedar Rapids discussed buying a walk-in tub for their home, even before the door-to-door salesperson arrived to their home.

"She was really nice and friendly, and she just acted like she knew us forever," Marcella said.

However, Marcella said she didn't realize the tub cost more than $18,000 until their son saw the receipt. 

That's when their son, Ron Stolba, contact Aqua Care in Grimes to stop the project and refund the nearly $9,000 down payment.

"It's just been very frustrating and getting the run-around. It almost feels like you need to drive down to Grimes and knock on their door, and say, 'hey, we want this money'," Ron said.

The Stolbas say they were working in their yard when the Aqua Care salesperson confronted them about the walk-in tub.

From the time she arrived, from the time they signed on the dotted line, it took nearly 30 minutes.

Now, nearly 30 days after, they're still waiting for their nearly $9,000 refund.

"The main person we were supposed to get in touch with was never there, or he would never call back," Ron said.

After countless calls and several promises to return the down payment, the refund check arrived in the mail, but when they tried cashing it, they realized the check was bad.

"It was not a surprise at all. (We felt) there was about a 10-percent chance that this check was going to clear," Ron said.

According to Marcella and Robert's daughter, Susan Glass, an Aqua Care representative reached out to the Stolbas shortly after KWWL reached out to the company for comment.

Susan says the Aqua Care representative promised to send the cashier's check by next Tuesday.

However, we'll check back in with the family to make sure they received the money.

The Stolbas say they reached out to state lawmakers and the Better Business Bureau to make sure this doesn't happen to other people.

At last check, the Stolbas are still waiting for their nearly $9,000 refund.

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