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Public mural art project in Dubuque

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A downtown area in eastern Iowa is getting some new works of art.

Murals throughout downtown Dubuque are part of a new public art project. So far, about nine murals are complete, and more are expected.

The organization, Voices Productions say they wanted to bring an urban experience to the area.

The artists are from all around the country, including Gaia who is originally from New York City. "What we have behind us is a portrait of workers from the Dubuque Brewery on the north side of town, which is currently in a historic preservation limbo," he said. "We have a portrait of the workers and the words 'automat' over their visages."

The huge piece will take about six days to complete.

"I strive to incorporate as much local history as possible to make the content relevant to those that will be experiencing the pieces once I leave, and so I've personally striven in this project to focus on various aspects of Dubuque culture," Gaia said.

Organizers say there will be 20 murals in total.

They are being funded through a state grant and support by local businesses.

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