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Cloudy weather doesn't stop Solar Eclipse excitement

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The hazy weather did not dampen the spirits of hundreds in one eastern Iowa town as they watched the solar eclipse through the clouds.

People didn't have the best view in Cedar Falls this afternoon, but it didn't stop them from wearing the eclipse glasses and constantly look up. The crowd of people outside the Cedar Falls Library cheered with pure excitement when the clouds cleared, showing a quick glimpse of the eclipse.

"It's really, really neat and I am really glad I got to see it," said Caitlyn Stanley, Cedar Falls.

Ten-year-old Caitlyn and dozens of others, were sporting their eclipse glasses and were very excited about the sight in the sky.

"At first it was an orange dot and then slowly it got more and more covered up and then it started going away," described Caitlyn.

From glasses to cereal boxes, people were doing all they could to watch the highly anticipated eclipse.

"If it's really bright I think it will work really really well, because it worked really well last night with the flashlight," described Brian Lewis who used a cereal box to view the eclipse.

Some people say the weather didn't bother them, no matter how clear they saw the eclipse, they say it's all about experiencing this 'once in a lifetime' opportunity.

"It's just a 'once in a lifetime' chance for some people, so it's gonna be enjoyable regardless if I see it or not," said Lewis.

The constant in-and-out of the sun did frustrate some, though.

"It's kind of hard to see the sun and if you can't see the sun it's kind of hard to see the solar eclipse," said Allyson Johnson, Waterloo.

But today's event was still exciting to those who have never seen anything like it. The Cedar Falls library only had 200 glasses to hand out today and there were more people than glasses, however, everyone at the watch party was able to share and get a peak at the eclipse.

The Cedar Falls Library says they gave out 800 glasses prior to today. They saved 200 specifically for today's watch party.

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