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Rare triplet calves born in Dubuque County

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Dwight Conrad had a hard time believing what he saw when he woke up about eight days ago.

"I got up that morning to scrape the barn, and I checked the cows in the morning like I always do," Conrad said. "I go in the building and looked, and I'm like, 'there ain't no way this is happening'."

What he saw there were triplet calves.

"I was in shock," he said.

The research isn't totally conclusive on just how rare triplet calves are, but it's pretty evident that it doesn't happen very often.

Even Conrad, who has been on this farm for more than four decades, had to do his own research into the matter.

"I googled it too, because I didn't know for sure, but I found out the odds of having triples are about 1 in 700,000 average. So it was kind of a rarity to have one set of triplets," he said.

And while their presence may have been unexpected, Conrad said they don't require too much extra care.

"Keep them dry, keep them fed. We feed them three times a day when they're small like this. They're a little smaller than normal calves," he said.

Conrad said his father told him another set of triplets was born on the same farm many, many years ago.  

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