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Water bottles damage multiple cars in Marion area

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Multiple people have damaged cars after water bottles were allegedly thrown at them. 

Victims say the plastic bottles were full and were thrown at their cars while they were driving. 

We are told the bottles were chucked from vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. 
"The passenger lobbed a water bottle up and over the vehicle and the driver threw one out," says Meegan Dyrland. 

Dyrland said it happened to her on Wednesday, smashing her windshield while she was was driving on County Home Rd. 

"I had glass all over my face and my hair, my arms, my whole body and my mouth," she tells us. 

Marilyn Platner tells KWWL her car was hit by a water bottle while she was driving on 10th Street in Marion. 
 "All of the sudden I saw an arm come out and I didn't think anything about it until wham this bottle hit the front end of my car," she says. 

Lucky for Platner the bottle ended up in the grill of her car and didn't break any glass. 

A third woman fell victim the same day in the same area, her windshield was smashed. 

"It's scary someone could get hurt or killed," says Christine McSweeney. 

"You know you think about that I'm going 55 the other person is going 55 that's a big impact," Platner tells us. 

Dyrland says she is thankful she was wearing her sunglasses because she is confident with the amount of glass that landed on her that some of it would have landed in her eye. 
    "If circumstances would have been a little different I could have been in a very serious wreck and I just hope someone can come forward that knows something," she told us. 

Dyrland and McSweeney both described the suspect car as a dark SUV.

Platner says she saw the bottle be thrown from a small red car. 

According to Platner, the Linn County Sheriff's Office was able to retrieve the water bottle that got stuck in the grill of her car. 


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