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Move-in days begin for new University of Iowa students

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All of the black and gold colors has it feeling like it's fall on the University of Iowa campus, as new students start to move into the residence halls.

Two move-in shifts started Tuesday from 9 a.m. to noon, and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.  The shifts will repeat on Wednesday and Thursday.

"We'll be moving in over 6,700 students into the residence halls, so we'll do almost 5,000 alone over the next three days, so it's quick-paced. There's a lot of students coming in all at once," University of Iowa Director of Residence Education, Greg Thompson, said.

New this year, all incoming students living in the residence halls will have their own rooms.  The addition of Catlett Residence Hall, which opened this year, allows the university was able to do away with temporary housing.

"Students are going to be enjoying a little bit more space. This is the first year, in over 30 years, we haven't housed students in our individual floor lounges.  So students are looking forward to being in their permanent space to start off the school year," Thompson said.

Incoming freshman and twins, Hannah and Chloe Zwirn, filled a U-Haul from their hometown of Liberty, Illinois, and have moved to Iowa City to start school. They'll be a part of the first group to live in Catlett Residence Hall, only living down the floor from each other.

"We share all of our clothes, so we were really hoping at least the same dorm.  So this worked out really, really nice," Hannah Zwirn said.

The girls follow in their parent's footsteps, who both attended the UI.  Their mom, Helen, said she used to live in Quadrangle Hall, which has since been torn down and was a far cry from the rooms her daughters moved into today.

"They're so lucky. They're not suffering at all. Especially the bathrooms!  Oh my gosh, they're so awesome," Helen said.

She said, right now, she's not sure how to feel about sending off her only daughters to college at the same time.

"That question has to be asked next week but, no, I'm very excited for them. My husband and I both went to Iowa, so we're very excited that they both chose to go here," she said.

Whereas, her daughter has another idea about that.

"I think they're secretly really upset, but trying to hold it together for us.  But I'm sure they're going to be fine," Hannah said.   

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