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How to make a pinhole projection box to view eclipse

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We are now just a few hours away from the Solar Eclipse, and certified solar glasses are selling!

The Waterloo Public Library says many businesses in Waterloo have been sold out for days, so we stopped by the Grout Museum for some creative and safe ways to view the eclipse without a pair. 

Jordan Walker of the Grout Museum wants everyone to stay safe, saying,  "It is extremely dangerous to stare at the sun. Even if you look at the sun for a couple of seconds it could burn your retina."

Jordan says if you don't have a pair of certified solar glasses, you can make your very own pinhole projector to safely watch the eclipse without looking directly at the sun and risking eye damage. All you need is an empty cereal box.

Here's how: 

Cut a rectangular hole at one end of the box and then cut out a piece of aluminum foil.

Tape the foil over the hole and poke a hole in the middle of the foil.

Then, tape the sheet of paper you have on the inside of the box at the opposite end of the rectangular hole.

During the partial phases of the eclipse, make sure your back is toward the sun. You’ll want to place the box over your head with the pinhole facing the sun and you will see the eclipsed sun on the paper inside the box.

Or it's as simple as having two sheets of paper and cutting a hole in one of them. Then, turn your back to the sun and hold up your sheets of paper. The one with the hole should be in front of the other sheet, safely projecting the image of the solar eclipse onto it. 

The Cedar Falls public library sent us this link. Click here for more on how to make a pinhole projection box with a cereal box, a shoe box, or a shipping box. 

Be sure to tune into KWWL on Monday for full coverage of the eclipse. The Cedar Falls Public Library says they will be getting more solar glasses in the day of the eclipse for a watch party they are hosting. 

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