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UPDATE: Waterloo votes on project to re-time traffic lights

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UPDATE: The Waterloo City Council has voted to approve the traffic study.

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One eastern Iowa town is tired of playing red light, green light and they are looking to spend thousands of dollars to change that.

The city of Waterloo is looking to re-time the stoplights downtown. The last time this was done was back in 1999.

While some city leaders think changing the timing on the traffic lights is necessary, most drivers say they don't really have a problem with the way they run. While others are frustrated by the timing and constant red lights.

"It gets very frustrating at times because it seems like you'll be sitting at a red light for a minute to two minutes and you'll turn the corner and you'll be stopped at another red light...that just shouldn't happen," said Erika Burke, Waterloo.

Drivers like Burke say the timing on the traffic lights in downtown Waterloo need to change.

"I hope that they can look at every stop light and try to time it out so that if you're stopped at one red light you won't be stopped at the next red light that is only a block away," said Burke.

Drivers say one of the biggest problems they are experiencing is being stopped at a red light when there is nobody coming from the other direction.

"It's frustrating," said Burke. "People need to get to places and when you're stopped for five minutes it adds five minutes on to your trip and that just shouldn't happen," said Burke.

Others, like Justin Smock, who has worked in downtown Waterloo for more than 10 years, says he has no problems with the lights.

"I don't have anything too crazy to complain about now that we have all the timing figured out over time," said Smock, Evansdale. "We can get through them pretty quick, we know when they are changing and what their timing is currently."

Waterloo City Council is voting tonight to decide if they will perform another traffic study. The project includes counting the number of walkers and cyclists in the downtown area.

The whole project would cost nearly $194,000.

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