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Iowa teacher installs blue light filters for a calming classroom

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A Kennedy High School Language Arts & U.S. Humanities teacher has added blue light filters to her classroom. 

Cheryl Lindo says, "The fluorescent lights flicker and that can produce eye strain and just the glare kind of adds to a more stressful more kind of institutional environment."

Lindo has been teaching for more than 30 years and says she wants students to want to be in her classroom. 

She started years back by playing music when students would walk in, she would let them recommend songs. 

The next step was adding a scent to the room, so she got a diffuser to release calming smells. 

Lindo even requested new desks for her classroom, which she has received. 

They have softer seats than traditional desk and are set up more like tables allowing for additional leg room. 

This year she is trying the light filters for the first time, the room completely blue. 

"I think the blue light, it's calmer and also it's the light that we see when we are outside," she says.

Lindo says she is very much looking forward to this school year and seeing the student's reactions. 

Classes in Cedar Rapids start next week. 

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