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Witness testimony: Man admits to murder

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The first week of a trial for a local man accused of pulling the trigger in a deadly home invasion wrapped up Friday afternoon.

Tacari Minifee, 21, is charged with First Degree Murder and Robbery in the death of Collin Brown.  Brown, 21, was shot and killed at his Key West home in April of last year.  Minifee is just one of eight people who are charged in the case, making it a tangled web of facts and allegations.

Tacari Minifee, along with Imere Hall, Eric Campbell Jr., and Taylor Shaw are all charged with First Degree Murder and Robbery.  Four other individuals involved in the planning of the robbery are charged with various crimes.  Hall has already been convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Prosecutors this week are working to ensure Minifee will join him.  In addition to Minifee's DNA being found on the gun investigators say was used to fire the deadly shot, the victim's girlfriend, Alecia Lombardi, took the stand Friday.

According to our coverage partners the Telegraph Herald, Lombardi testified that around 2 a.m. on April 2, 2016, three men broke into the home where she lived with Brown and asked, "Where's the dope at?".

Lombardi said Hall held her at gunpoint.

Then in later testimony, the stepsister of the mother of Minifee's child told the jury that Minfee confessed he was the one who pulled the trigger.  The stepsister said a few days after the shooting, Minifee told her he was the one who shot Brown outside of the home, after Brown threatened to call the police.

That is just one of two separate confessions witnesses testified to this week.

Two other friends of Minifee's also took the stand. The friends said they were with Minifee hours after the shooting, but were unaware of it at the time.  The friends said Minifee bragged about seeing a murder and robbery, and even waved a gun around that was missing several bullets from the magazine. 

The defense is expected to take over next week, saying there is no actual proof Minifee was at Brown's home that night.  Minifee's attorney says there is an innocent explanation for Minifee's DNA being on the murder weapon.

Imere Hall was convicted of murder in the case earlier this year. Eric Campbell Jr. and Taylor Shaw will have their murder trials next.  

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