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Waterloo baby recovering after whooping cough, parents warning others

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Eastern Iowa Public Health Departments are warning parents on the dangers of whooping cough.

Tonight, a local family is sharing their experience after their 17-month-old was diagnosed with the potentially-fatal illness in June.

Hannah Titus is the only confirmed case in Black Hawk County since June, but in Johnson County there have already been 6 confirmed cases.

Her mother Crystal Titus says, "For her it was cough cough cough cough until she couldn't breathe, couldn't catch her breath and then finally she was able to clear the mucus enough to catch her breath."

Hannah never had a fever, so many believed it was just a virus or even teething.

"She would sneeze 5-10 times in a row. We thought it was just allergies, but then it progressed into a slight cough and then to a really bad cough," Crystal says.

Her parents knew something wasn't right so they brought her in for more tests. After a camping trip in Manchester, Hannah was diagnosed with pertussis, which can be deadly for infants.

Crystal says, "Just thinking about that makes me want to cry."

All her parents could do was watch as their baby struggled.

Her father Terry says, "Sometimes she would even turn gray, that was terrible."

With Hannah only being 17-months-old, she had three of the five dose series for the vaccination and her mother believes that saved her life.

"I don't think she would be here...I really don't. I am very thankful to have her and that we did get as many in her as we did," she says. 

2 months later, Hannah is back to her playful self. It's a happy sight for the Titus family after a miserable two months, that no family should go through.

"If I could help one child from dying from it, it's worth it to me," Crystal says.

Research shows whooping cough is most contagious before the cough even starts, so doctors say the best way to prevent it is through the vaccine. Doctors are also reminding adults, especially those around babies, to get updated on all of their shots as well.

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