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Floating islands installed in Lower Bee Branch Creek in Dubuque

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If you take a walk along the Lower Bee Branch Creek in Dubuque, you will notice new objects in the water.

They are floating islands meant to clean the water before it flows into the Mississippi River.  

"Floating islands are somewhat like a man made raft for plants," said Autumn Boos, director of sales and marketing at Midwest Floating Island. "So they're holes that come with pre-drilled, to add the plants and we put in plants that are native plants, which will grow roots down, one to three feet below the island."

This sustainable way to clean the water means chemicals will not be used. 

Crews have been here since Monday installing the pieces made of recycled plastic water bottles.

It's a big project. All together there are 14 islands from the 16th Street bridge to the Bee Branch pond. The two largest islands are 44 feet long.  They are anchored down to stay in place.

People stopped by to learn more.

"The islands are of great interest to us because they are gonna filter the water...we have problems with marsh letting in bad water to Dead Pike Lake in Northern Wisconsin, and it creates flock and we think this just might be the solution to take care of that," said Jeff Wolf. 

Over the next two weeks, the islands will need some maintenance. They will have to be watered every other day. Once the plants grow, they will have to be cut down occasionally. 

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