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EVIE UPDATE: 3-year-old with cancer recovering after organ transplants

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UPDATE: 3-year-old Evie Mae is battling back from stage four liver cancer and she's on the mend, after getting potentially life-saving transplants less than a month ago.

Little Evie had a liver, pancreas and small bowel transplant, as well as part of her stomach and spleen removed. We facetimed with Evie and her mother Taylor from Omaha.

Taylor said, "Transplants are always difficult, Evie has hit some bumps but no rejection of any sort so that's good news."

She is back to her playful self, even eating solid foods again. 

"She had a really good weekend and pain control was awesome and she was back to her old self playing, laughing and just having fun," Taylor says.

Tomorrow Evie starts chemotherapy. It will be a similar but different road for her this time.

"This is a whole different situation than when she was on chemo last time with her new organs," Taylor says.

Taylor says once again though,  this little girl will show her strength all with a smile on her face.

"She is stronger than I could ever imagine. I have no doubt that she is going to get through this and it's only going to make her stronger," she says.

As you can imagine, staying at the hospital in Omaha has been a lot on this Cedar Falls mother and daughter. Later this month, there will be a benefit for them on August 24th at Learn and Play Daycare in Cedar Falls from 6 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. For more information on how you can get involved or donate, visit Evie's  Facebook Page at COTA for Evie's Freedom. 


It's a day of celebrating for one eastern Iowa mother this 4th of July. 

Taylor Fairman's 3-year-old daughter Evie has stage 4 liver cancer. Last week, doctors told the family that her cancer spread to her pancreas and small bowel. 2 days later, they got the call, a potential donor with all the organs this little girl desperately needed. 

3-year-old Evie Mueller may be small, but she's strong with an even bigger smile. 

Family Friend Emily Moses says, "Evie is the most persevering, positive little girl. She could be feeling so icky and you would never know."

This past year has been tough, especially after hearing that the cancer spread. 

Evie needed a transplant, with her mother saying, "It was her best chance at survival."

Just yesterday, their prayers were answered at the right time.

Moses says, "Taylor got a call minutes before chemo that they had a donor...that just doesn't happen. If she got chemo, she wouldn't have been able to get that transplant, it's a miracle."

It was a match, giving little Evie a liver, pancreas, and small bowel...everything she needed.

On organ donation- Moses says, "There is a family out there that had to make that decision and they don't realize that that decision is going to just change everyone else and make our lives so much better."

We spoke with Evie's mom Taylor as Evie was in surgery at a hospital in Omaha today.

"It's a miracle. We sat there and prayed so hard that something would happen, God just had it in his hands," she says. 

A day of true celebration this 4th of July for Taylor and Evie.

"It's Independence Day and it's Evie's Independence Day from cancer, she is going to be free," Fairman says. 

After a 6 hour surgery, the organs are in and Evie is doing very well.

If you are interested in helping this family or sending Evie a card as she recovers, here is their GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/goteamevie

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