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Home run balls caught by not one, but two Cedar Valley Cubs fans

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The Chicago Cubs were on fire Tuesday night when they hit five home runs to win the game 16-4 over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

But they weren't the only ones on fire. Some Cedar Valley Cubs fans were also on quite a roll.  During the game, two of the five home run balls were caught by two Waterloo Columbus High School students, who also happen to have just a one-letter difference in their last names.

Recent Columbus grad and lifelong Cubs fan, Joe Duggan, made the joke "home run ball coming my way," on his Snapchat, as he walked into Wrigley Field for Tuesday's game with a couple of friends.

"We were looking around like, 'Wow, we are the only people over 10-years-old with gloves.' That was kind of funny, like, 'we are such losers.' But it turned out you got to bring your ball glove to a game," said Duggan.

During the second inning, Cubs rookie Ian Happ hit a bomb into left field; the ball heading right at Joe.

"Just out here like this and just straight into the glove. You could hear the smack, and my friends tackled me while people were grabbing for the ball. I was on the ground and they were like, 'You caught it! You caught it!'" said Joe.

Then, just one inning later, in a historic moment, pitcher Jon Lester hit his first ever career home run. Lester sent the ball back to Joe.

"My friend to the left of me, Isaac Squires, also a Columbus grad, the ball hit off his glove," explained Joe.

The ball bouncing off Squires glove and right to Columbus sophomore, Charlie Dugan.  Yes, Charlie Dugan was just feet away from Joe Duggan at his first Cubs game with his family.

"I was kind of amazed. I was like, 'Did I really just catch this?'" said Charlie Dugan. "It was really cool because we got to go down to the clubhouse, meet Lester, take a picture with him, shake his hand. It was a really cool, once-in-a-lifetime experience."    

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