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PHASE ONE COMPLETE: University Ave. project progresses

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Long gone are the orange cones,  phase one of construction on University Ave. is complete and drivers are finding it a much smoother ride. 

Compared to even two months ago, the project has progressed a long way. For drivers, it's been a bumpy few months. In March, lanes were closed, orange cones were up, and drivers were going the wrong way, cutting over the median and finding themselves stuck.

Cars are getting in the swing of things as phase one of University Ave. comes to a finish, and drivers are taking notice.

"Traffic is flowing a lot better," said driver Chris Gutman.  "It seems like you can drive through here real smooth. There's no back up anymore- traffic used to back up really bad."

With complete roundabouts and signs that are easy to follow, driving is a lot less chaotic. Businesses along University Ave, like Advanced Auto Parts, are finding themselves a little relieved, now that construction is finally over. 

Two months ago, Advanced Auto Part parking lot was a maze, forcing customers to hassle the trouble or avoid their location all together. Now, their lot is clear and much easier to navigate. 

Advanced Auto Parts Driver James Rosario says it's made his job quite hectic over the past few months. 

"Using all the other parking lots and business, it was just kind of frustrating cause cars were almost running into each other," said Rosario. "It's like well we don't have that problem now, but yeah opening it up makes it a lot better I think."

Completed construction along University Ave. is a lot better for businesses, as well as for customers, who won't have to avoid the tangled mess. 

"It's much better than when they had the stoplights because the traffic flows nice and is evenly spread out, everybody keeps moving," said driver Bruce Frase."I think people need to just get used to the roundabouts and be just fine."

Now that phase one is complete, it doesn't mean drivers are completely off the hook. Phase two of construction has started, as crews work East of Waterloo road. Construction is happening through the Round street intersection, and then around the Cedar Heights intersection east to Midway Drive. The city of Cedar Falls expects phase two to be completed in 2018.  

The city continues to update traffic changes and patterns as they go through construction. For the latest updates, visit their University Ave. reconstruction website.

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