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Cedar Falls "Everyday Astronaut" reaches new heights with car commercial

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Connecting astronauts and cars. 

Cedar Falls men Neil Johnson and Tim Dodd made a commercial for Tesla and did very well in a nationwide competition. 

Tesla asked fans to make an ad for them. In the end, the ad that got the most likes on Twitter won the competition. 

Johnson and Dodd's commercial involves Cedar Falls' well-known "Everyday Astronaut."

Dodd's known for dressing up in an old space suit and taking pictures in it. 

He says he uses humor and imagination to teach people about science and to bring "space to earth." 

For the commercial, you see Dodd doing boring, mundane tasks in his space suit. The music picks up when he looks out the window and sees a Tesla. 

The doors to the Tesla open up on their own; it looks almost like a spaceship. 

This "Everyday Astronaut" commercial ended up getting second place. 

It played at a big Tesla event this past weekend. 

To learn more about the Everyday Astronaut, you can visit their website here. To see their Patreon page, click here

If you would like to see the commercial Johnson and Dodd made, click here

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