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Family says babysitter allegedly threw child, broke his leg

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A little boy is recovering after his family says their babysitter threw the boy after he wouldn't take a nap. One-year-old Max Walker is in a half body cast with a spiral fracture to his femur after the alleged incident.

Max's parents have a lot of questions about what happened to their son while at day care earlier last week, but their main question is why? Why not taking a nap pushed the baby sitter to throw their 19-month-old son.

"She had picked him up by the ankle and the arm and thrown him," described RaeEllen Walker, Max's mother.

Walker says after the babysitter allegedly threw him Max sat there for six hours before she picked him up.

"I picked him up and heard him screaming and crying and to think he was like that and not given any kind of support, any kind of love or any kind of caring gestures for his think that he was just there with nobody helping him is just devastating," said Walker.

Walker brought Max home after she picked him up, but he continued to cry and she knew something was terribly wrong.

"No matter where I moved him, or picked him up or held him...with every movement he would just cling that much harder to my body not wanting me to let him go and that's when I started to think something else was wrong," said Walker. "I just kept saying in my head, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" because something was wrong, he was in pain."

After a trip to the ER, Walker was told her son had a spiral fracture in his leg.

"He can't move, he can't do the things that he wants to," said Walker. "He was a walker and runner normally and so for him it probably feels like solitary confinement."

Max's parents say he will be in the cast for about two months. After he heals, he will need to learn how to walk again. Max's mother says when she picked her son up the baby sitter said he had been crying all day. Walker says that day a detective went and visited the baby sitter and she allegedly admitted to everything, the detective later told the family about the confession. 

Cedar Rapids Police say there is an active investigation involving this family. Walker says the baby sitter has not yet been arrested. Family members have created a YouCaring page to help the Walker family. To stay updated on Max's recovery or to donate CLICK HERE.

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