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Volunteers save Fairbank businesses from last week's floods

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Three eastern Iowa businesses made it out of the floods all right thanks to the help of nearly 300 volunteers. Last week the Wapsi River banks were swollen near parts of Fairbank, but the community says they beat the flood.

Costa's Sports Bar & Grill was surrounded by water and so was Don's Truck Sales across the street.

"We had about half an inch to an inch in the office area and six inches in parts of the shop, but the clean up was relatively easy," said Gene Carpenter, Don's Truck Sales President.

Across town Woods Funeral Home had flood waters knocking at their back door as well. Those three Fairbank business were saved by more than two hundred volunteers.

"We called up no one to help, they just show up when they know the river is coming up," said Carpenter.

People were not letting the flood water stop them from sandbagging, many continued to sandbag in water up to their waists.

"People just start showing up, the sand starts coming and the sandbags start flowing and people just start helping, it's just the most amazing thing you've ever seen," said Kevin Kaufman, Costa's Sports Bar & Grill.

Everyone agreeing, it was an inspirational site to see.

"It just makes tears well up in your eyes thinking about how all these people took time...they changed their plans that day," said Randy Wood, Woods Funeral Home owner. "I don't think anyone woke up that morning saying, 'lets sandbag' they came out and they helped, it was so moving."

The business owners say it's an eerie site to see how low the river is today after what they went though last weekend.

"It's hard to believe that a week ago this town was inundated with water and here we are today happy with smiles on our faces, we survived it," said Wood.

Business owners say they're holding a celebration Wednesday August 2 to thank all the volunteers who helped. The celebration will be held outside Costa's and will start at 5:30. For more information ">CLICK HERE.

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