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Cat burned in Hudson brush fire hoping for new eyelids

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An eastern Iowa cat almost lost his life in a fire this year. Now his owner is hoping to give him surgery for new eyelids.

Burnie has been getting help at Purr-sonal Care Cat Clinic.  

He and his family were caught in a brush fire in Hudson.

Once the people who started the fire heard the cat's cries, they immediately put the fire out.

But it was too late. Burnie was the only cat to make it out of the fire. He lost his ear and the skin on half his face.

He's been going through months of antibiotics, eye ointment four times a day and bandages on his head.

Now he has a new owner who's been helping him recover.

Burnie's owner is hoping he can get surgery to get new eyelids. Burnie can still see, but he can't blink. He needs eye ointment several times a day, and he often gets eye infections. 

If you would like to help Burnie out, click here to help out online. You can visit Purr-sonal Care Cat Clinic in Waterloo to donate.

Here's what the owner posted on the GoFundMe Page: 

When Burnie was about 5 weeks old he and his family were trapped under a brush fire.  Once the person realized there were cats living in it the fire was put out, but not fast enough.  This little guy was the only one to escape alive.  Initially when he was brought into our veterinary clinic it looked like he made it out with only a few scrapes but as time went on it was obvious the heat of the fire had done much more damage.  In the end Burnie lost an ear, both sets of eye lids and much of the skin on his face.  After months of twice daily oral antibiotics, eye ointment four times a day, numerous bandage changes, and two surgical procedures he's healed. Thanks to Burnie's spunky attitude and his owner's dedication to the medical treatment he needed, he pulled through.  Now that he's healed he can have surgery to replace his eyelids so his owner doesn't have to continue the twice daily eye ointment for the rest of his life.  Because this is such an intricate and indepth procedure it must be performed by a specialist, which means it's fairly expensive.   We're looking to help his owner raise the money she needs to help get this little guy back to a "normal", medication-free life.

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