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Sumner woman homeless after floodwaters destroy foundation

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A town that was bogged down and damaged by flooding is fighting its way back. Last week's severe storms forced flood water into Sumner as the swollen Wapsi River rose over its banks around the town.

The town of about 3,000 saw damage in homes and other buildings. Judy Astorp's home was one of the hardest hit, and one of four homes that had a wall collapse.

The foundation of Astorp's home collapsed in the floods this weekend while she was inside.

"I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I heard a bang and then a 'swish, swish swish', so then I ran out outside," said Astorp, Sumner. "I had water all around the house and the firemen told me to get out so they carried me to the end of the block because they didn't want me to stay in the house for fear it would all collapse."

One Astorp's brick basement walls caved in completely, taking the home's foundation with it.

"I was petrified, all of a sudden my basement was filling up and they said, 'get out of the house' well then it wasn't long till the wall collapsed," said Astorp.

Astorp's husband Norm died two months ago and she says she's happy he wasn't here to see their home of 38 years crumble.

"He would be sick and I am glad he isn't here to see this, it would have been hard for him," said Astorp.

Astorp says before her husband passed, they decided she would sell the house and she was just days away from finalizing the sale.

"We had our house sold, we were supposed to sign the papers tomorrow, well now we are not," said Astorp. "I had most of my stuff all packed and ready to I don't have anything."

Astorp says crews are working to fix the home's foundation, but it will be a few months until she can put the home back on the market.

Right now Astorp can not live in the home, power and water have been shut off. She is currently staying with family, but does not have a permanent place to stay. Family has created a GoFundme page to help Astorp with these sudden expenses to find out more CLICK HERE.

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