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Police release body cam video of deadly shooting after ruled justified

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Body camera video of a police involved shooting has been released after the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The shooting happened on June 10, 2017, when police responded to the North English home of Robin Blaylock, 53, for a report of a man with a gun. Williamsburg police officer Blake Heller shot and killed Blaylock

On Tuesday, Iowa County Attorney Tim McMeen said the shooting was justified after their office reviewed witness statements, reports, and the body camera video captured of the altercation.

That same day the Williamsburg Police Department released two videos captured from body cameras off of officers Jason Mochal and Blake Heller, the officer who fired the fatal shot.

Body cameras show that within minutes of officers arriving, Blaylock would be killed. After arriving Blaylock can be seen outside the home with a shotgun in his hand. Both Mochal and Heller asking him several times to put the gun away.

Blaylock refused to obey any of the officers demands, instead urging them to shoot him. He's heard saying, "No. I'm going to die right here," and "Go ahead and take your shot."

Officers continued to ask Blaylock to put the gun away and more than once Blaylock raised his gun at them. The responding officers separated to approach Blaylock from both sides with Mochal taking the front side and Heller, with an unnamed officer, taking the back.

Seconds later Heller fired a single shot at Blaylock. His body camera video showed when they were rounding the corner, Blaylock quickly raised his gun at them.

The rest of the video showed the officers administrating medical help to Blaylock before he died.

McMeen said the officers lives were put in danger way before Heller fired his weapon and because Blaylock continued to raise his weapon and disobeyed the officers.  The shooting, McMeen said, though considered a homicide, is a justified homicide.

Neighbors said they couldn't believe what happened and said that it was uncharacteristic of Blaylock.

Body camera video from Heller can be seen here.

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